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riak / src / riak_app.erl

Author Commit Message Date Builds
sasl logging now to log/sasl.log (or via setting sasl_logfile)
Rusty Klophaus
Get rid of ip/doorbell/cookie connection scheme, use distributed Erlang. [#64]
Rusty Klophaus
Combine riak_connect and riak_ring_gossiper, converting riak_ring_gossiper to a gen_server in the process.
Andy Gross
Add start_apps configuration parameter for starting additional applications. Move check for loadability of storage_backend until after add_paths and start_apps are processed.
Bryan Fink
make default bucket properties configurable at application scope specify with a 'default_bucket_props' entry in your configuration file Ex: {default_bucket_props, [{n_val, 5},{allow_mult,true}]}.