riak / src / riak_backup.erl

Author Commit Message Labels Comments Date
Default avatar jus...@basho.com
replace riak_vnode and sidekick with single FSM
Default avatar Rusty Klophaus
Finish switching riak_backup to work locally, clean up code, and add comments.
Default avatar Rusty Klophaus
Default avatar Rusty Klophaus
Rewrite riak_backup:backup to hit nodes directly.
Default avatar Rusty Klophaus
Get rid of ip/doorbell/cookie connection scheme, use distributed Erlang. [#64]
Default avatar Bryan Fink
fix missing metadata after backup-restore
Default avatar Bryan Fink
convert atom bucket names in a pre-0.5 backup dump to binary bucket names during backup-restore
Default avatar Andy Gross
ensure use of gen_server2:call/cast
Default avatar justin
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