riak / src / riak_fs_backend.erl

Author Commit Message Labels Comments Date
Andy Gross
merge from hg tip (r445)
Bryan Fink
fix some edoc and cleanup compile warnings
Cleaning up whitespace;Fixed unused variable warning
make fs_backend suffix non-optional
Kirill Korinskiy
Make a atomic (two way) write to fs. Riak write data to fs as a naive way and if take a crash in write time, get ccorrupt data.
Bryan Fink
bucket names are now binaries, instead of atoms
John Muellerleile
Added functions riak_client:filter_keys and riak_client:list_buckets; updated ets, dets, osmos & fs backends to support them.
Bryan Fink
more docs for riak_fs_backend
Bryan Fink
test & improve riak_fs_backend:nest
Bryan Fink
test & fix clean/1 and dirty/1 functions in riak_fs_backend
Bryan Fink
add standard backend test to fs_backend, and fix bug (buckets weren't decoded to atoms)
Bryan Fink
riak_fs_backend using {Bucket,Key} instead of Storekey (and finally able to list keys in a bucket, like other backends)