riak / src / riak_sup.erl

Author Commit Message Labels Comments Date
Bryan Fink
the start of riak_stat - aggregate the total number of puts all vnodes on a node do
Rusty Klophaus
Get rid of ip/doorbell/cookie connection scheme, use distributed Erlang. [#64]
Rusty Klophaus
Combine riak_connect and riak_ring_gossiper, converting riak_ring_gossiper to a gen_server in the process.
Rusty Klophaus
Make eventers use simple Erlang messaging (remove gen_events) [#27]
imported patch removal of riak_api intermediary
Andy Gross
OTP-ification: use module lists instead of "dynamic" in child specs for the obvious processes
Bryan Fink
replace riak_bucketkeys with asking vnodes to return a list of the bucket-keys they have stored
add a local-node logfile facility