riak / releasenotes / riak-0.4.txt


This release changes the storage backend API in a backward-
incompatible fashion, invalidating old stores.  However, translation
from the old form to the new is not difficult.  Please feel free to
contact the Riak developers if you need assistance.

  - an eunit harness which is run via "make test"
  - unit tests cover over 40% of code in riak source

  - removed this gen_server entirely, allowing shorter request paths

  - default bucket properties are now configurable via riak.erlenv

  - now directly starts remote FSMs

  - the ring state is now in an ets table instead of gen_server state
    (for improved speed with many readers and occasional writes)

  - more OTP-friendly child specifications

  - a new and improved way of providing a list of a bucket's keys

  - eventers can specify a pattern, and only matching events will be sent

  - storage backends are now aware of {Bucket,Key} instead of just a hash
  - many small improvements made in the course of expanding test coverage
  - initialization work in core FSMs deferred to reduce start() blocking
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