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riak / demo / stickynotes / README

Stickynotes is a demo Riak application.


cd $RIAK_HOME  # base of your riak installation
./start-fresh demo/stickynotes/riak-config.erlenv
cd demo/stickynotes

Now point your browser at http://localhost:8000/

You should see a dark grey page with a few controls
at the top.  Start clicking!


Stickynotes starts a Webmachine node, which exposes a simple
file-serving resource, as well as jiak_resource and jaywalker_resource
from Riak.  The files you'll find here:

 Makefile            - for rebuilding things
 README              - this file
 riak-config.erlenv  - Riak cluster configuration file for Stickynotes
 start.sh            - start the Stickynotes application
 start-dev.sh        - start Stickynotes with auto-module-reloading
   riak              - symlink to riak for code path loading
   index.html        - the HTML you see at /
     application.css - the CSS you see at /
   images/           - all of the images
     application.js  - the logic running the page
     jiak.js         - libary for querying Riak through Jiak
     jquery*.js      - jQuery
     json2.js        - JSON library
   groups.erl        - the Jiak bucket module for groups objects
   notes.erl         - the Jiak bucket module for notes objects
   stickynotes.app   - application configuration (this is where
                       riak_ip, _port, _cookie are set)
   stickynotes.erl   - top application file
   stickynotes_app.erl - application start file
   stickynotes_deps.erl - utilities for getting beams from other
                            applications loaded in Stickynotes
   stickynotes_resource.erl - simple file-serving resource
   stickynotes_sup.erl - supervisor that starts the Webmachine node