riak / TODO

a sampling of improvements on the way:
 - more storage backends
 - repeatable benchmarking suite
 - OTP bootable release
 - nicer shutdown mechanism
 - better cleanup of node storage after handoff
 - move bucket properties out of gossiped ring state
    (allowing unlimited buckets)
 - improved efficiency of vnode handoff and bootstrapping
 - more explicit UTF-8 support and testing
 - making nodes that have finished exiting a cluster more obvious
 - better timeout management on individual nodes of map-phases
 - revisit hibernate when more monitoring abilities are available
 - document why vnode start is a spawn and monitor instead of ... ?
 - remember why riak_vnode_master:vnode_del is a call instead of a cast
 - riak_mapreduce: provide a version of standard map funs that handles siblings
   (with reconcile)
-  better mapreduce docs
-  good documents for riak_object and reconciliation
-  better riak_object tests
-  better detection of disconnected eventers
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