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riak / releasenotes / riak-0.7.1.txt

Riak 0.7.1 Release Notes


  -  The handoff mechanism has been rewritten, yielding faster handoff with less CPU/Memory 

  -  riak_vnode's are now managed by an OTP supervisor.


  -  riak_multi_backend is a "bucket-multiplexing" backend that allows different buckets
     to use different backend modules. 

  -  riak_cache_backend is a memory-only caching backend with configurable maximum size
     and object TTL.

  -  Three new functions were added to the Storage Backend API:

       -  drop/1 :     Drops the underlying store.
       -  is_empty/1:  Returns true if the underlying store contains no data items
       -  fold/3:      Performs the equivalent of a lists:foldl/3 over the store.

  -  The riak_osmos_backend has been removed.


   -  The 'riak attach' command now works with multiple riak nodes running on the same
      physical machine.

   -  The 'riak-admin backup' command now allows backups of either a single node or
      the entire cluster.

HTTP Interfaces:

   - Upgraded to webmachine-1.5.2

   - The raw HTTP resource now accepts the "returnbody=true" query parameter.

   - Both the Jiak and Raw HTTP resources allow streaming of keys

   - Added a "ping" resource on "/ping", intended for use with HTTP load balancers.


   - Various bugfixes to the Ruby client.
   - Documentation improvements.