riak / Makefile

.PHONY: rel

all: compile

	./rebar compile

	./rebar clean

distclean: clean devclean relclean

	./rebar eunit

## Release targets
	./rebar compile generate 

	rm -rf rel/riak

## Developer targets

devrel: dev1 dev2 dev3

	mkdir dev
	cp -R rel/overlay rel/reltool.config dev
	./rebar compile && cd dev && ../rebar generate

dev1 dev2 dev3: dev
	cp -Rn dev/riak dev/$@
	$(foreach app,$(wildcard apps/*), rm -rf dev/$@/lib/$(shell basename $(app))* && ln -sf $(abspath $(app)) dev/$@/lib;)
	perl -pi -e 's/name riak/name $@/g' dev/$@/etc/vm.args
	perl -pi -e 's/riak_web_port, \d+/riak_web_port, 809$(subst dev,,$@)/g' \

devclean: clean
	rm -rf dev

## Doc targets
	@erl -noshell -run edoc_run application riak '"apps/riak"' '[]' 
	@cp -r doc/* www/edoc
	@cp README www/
	@cp LICENSE www/
	@cp TODO www/

reldocs: docs
	@mkdir -p www/java_client_api
	@cd client_lib/java && make javadoc && \
            cp -R javadoc/* ../../www/java_client_api

dialyzer: compile
	@dialyzer -Wno_return -c apps/riak/ebin
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