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missed swiching two (comment, non-breaking) references from "skel" to "{{appid}}"

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 %% @spec start() -> ok
-%% @doc Start the skel server.
+%% @doc Start the {{appid}} server.
 start() ->
 %% @spec stop() -> ok
-%% @doc Stop the skel server.
+%% @doc Stop the {{appid}} server.
 stop() ->
     Res = application:stop({{appid}}),


 %% @spec start(_Type, _StartArgs) -> ServerRet
-%% @doc application start callback for skel.
+%% @doc application start callback for {{appid}}.
 start(_Type, _StartArgs) ->
 %% @spec stop(_State) -> ServerRet
-%% @doc application stop callback for skel.
+%% @doc application stop callback for {{appid}}.
 stop(_State) ->
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