webmachine / src / webmachine_request.erl

Author Commit Message Labels Comments Date
Ryan Tilder
An interim fix for PUT request bodies greater than 64M
tell mochiweb we recv body
update version and quip
Bryan Fink
the number of crlf on 100-continue shall be 2, and 2 shall be the number of crlf (thanks, marc)
Bryan Fink
bug fix: expect {Answer, ReqState} from webmachine_request:req_cookie/0 and :req_qs/0, not just Answer
put incoming req_body in process dict
move body-fetched-yet test to outer state from reqdata
trim the reqdata/reqstate loop in tracebacks
quip update
error catching here does not help
Paul J. Davis
Added a Write callable response method.
removal of the request_srv process
Bryan Fink
host-based dispatching
provide and honor wrq:set_max_recv_body/2
streaming API for request body
only fetch body off socket when requested, not when initializing
cleaner set of final resp body
initial import