PortSpec in dispatch.conf is not really working

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richard bucker
created an issue

{{{ {{['localhost'],8000} ,[{[], mywebdemo_resource, []}]}. {{['localhost'],8001} ,[{[], mywebdemo_resource, []}]}. }}}

The 1.5 documentation suggests that something this is supposed to work, however, when webmachine is started it is clear that the PortSpec is being ignored by init() and the config of mochiweb.

{{{ =PROGRESS REPORT==== 30-Mar-2010::10:27:22 === supervisor: {local,mywebdemo_sup} started: [{pid,<0.59.0>}, {name,webmachine_mochiweb}, {mfa, {webmachine_mochiweb,start, [[{ip,""}, {port,8000}, {log_dir,"priv/log"}, {dispatch, [{{[localhost],8000}, [{[],mywebdemo_resource,[]}]}, {{[localhost],8001}, [{[],mywebdemo_resource,[]}]}]}]]}}, {restart_type,permanent}, {shutdown,5000}, {child_type,worker}] }}} Notice that my dispatch is included properly, however, WM is not opening the proper ports. I believe that this is because the port is configured in src/mywebdemo_sup.erl

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