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Ralph Rice
created an issue

I noticed that webmachine uses scripts to set up a skeleton project (new_webmachine.sh). It works well, but when I create projects, I place them in a path no where near the location of my webmachine clone. I hate typing the long paths. :-)

So, I recommend taking a page out of the Python project called "Pylons". Pylons creates a virtual (shell) environment where the paths of the helper scripts (paster, etc) are part of the environment. Then, I can navigate to my projects location and initiate the scripts at the path where I want the project to be. An example is located http://pylonshq.com/docs/en/0.9.7/gettingstarted/#installing

I think that this feature would be nice to have in webmachine too. This strategy seems to speed up the development time (for me at least) when I use pylons. it also may help if webmachine ever expands to other types of code generation (templates, etc) and needs dependency isolation.

Thanks for listening.

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