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<h3>getting started quickly with Webmachine</h3>

<p>Make sure that you have a working Erlang/OTP release, R12B5 or later.</p>

<p>Get the webmachine code:</p>

hg clone http://bitbucket.org/justin/webmachine/ webmachine-read-only

<p>Build webmachine:</p>

cd webmachine-read-only

<p>Create, build, and start the skeleton resource:</p>

./scripts/new_webmachine.erl mywebdemo /tmp
cd /tmp/mywebdemo

<p>Take a look! Point a web browser at <a href="http://localhost:8000/">http://localhost:8000/</a></p>

<p>To make this resource handle URI paths other than /, add more
<a href="dispatcher.html">dispatch</a> terms in
/tmp/mywebdemo/priv/dispatch.conf; to make that resource to more
interesting things, modify the
<a href="resources.html">resource</a> itself
at /tmp/mywebdemo/src/mywebdemo_resource.erl.</p>

<p>To learn how to do more interesting things, check out <a href="example_resources.html">some examples</a> or read <a href="docs.html">more documentation</a>.</p>

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