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 Any atom pathterms that were used in a match will cause a binding in the path_info element of the request's [[WebmachineReqData|ReqData]]. (if there was a foo atom that matched the token "bar", then {{{ wrq:get_path_info(foo, ReqData) }}} will return {{{ "bar" }}} inside the resource calls) If there was a star pathterm in the pathspec, then {{{ wrq:disp_path(ReqData) }}} in a resource function will return the URI portion that was matched by the star.
 The {{{ resource }}} is an atom identifying a [[WebmachineResources|resource]] that should handle a matching request. It will have the {{{ args }}} (which must be a list) passed to its init function before request handling begins. 
+In the default directory structure for a new webmachine application, the dispatch terms will be in file:consult form in "priv/dispatch.conf" under the application root.