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 | {{{ do_redirect(bool(),rd()) -> rd() }}} | see resp_redirect; this sets that value. |
 | {{{ set_disp_path(string(),rd()) -> rd() }}} | The disp_path is the only path that can be changed during a request.  This function will do so. |
 | {{{ set_req_body(binary(),rd()) -> rd() }}} | Replace the incoming request body with this for the rest of the processing. |
-| {{{ set_resp_body(binary(),rd()) -> rd() }}} | Replace the current setting for the outgoing response body with this. |
+| {{{ set_resp_body(binary(),rd()) -> rd() }}} | Set the outgoing response body to this value. |
+| {{{ set_resp_body(streambody(),rd()) -> rd() }}} | Use this [[StreamBody|streamed body]] to produce the outgoing response body on demand. |
 | {{{ set_resp_headers([{string(),string()}],rd()) -> rd() }}} | Given a list of two-tuples of {headername,value}, set those outgoing response headers. |
 | {{{ remove_resp_header(string(),rd()) -> rd() }}} | Remove the named outgoing response header. |
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