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 * {{{ wrq:stream_req_body/2 }}}
 * {{{ wrq:set_resp_body/2 }}}
+The last of these, {{{ wrq:set_resp_body/2 }}}, is also called implicitly with the return value of any content-producing function such as {{{ to_html/2 }}}.
 The first of these ({{{req_body}}}) is the simplest.  It will provide the whole incoming request body as a binary.  (Unless the body is too large, as set by {{{ wrq:set_max_recv_body/2 }}} or defaulting to 50M)  For the majority of resources, this is the easiest way to handle the incoming request body.
 If a resource wants to handle the incoming request body a hunk at a time, it may call {{{ wrq:stream_req_body/2 }}} instead.  Instead of a binary, this produces a {{{ StreamBody }}} structure.