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 For most Webmachine applications, most of the functions are quite small and isolated.  One of the nice effects of this is that a quick reading of a resource will give you an understanding of the application, its Web behavior, and the relationship between them.  Since these functions are usually [[WebmachineReftrans|referentially transparent]], Webmachine applications can be quite easy to test.  There's no need for mock objects, fake database connections, or any other wastes of time when you can write tests against each component of your application in terms of the input and output to various functions.
 From here, you can:
+* [[QuickStart|get started right away]]
 * [[ExampleResources|read some examples]]
-* [[QuickStart|get started right away]]
 * [[WebmachineMechanics|understand Webmachine's execution model]]
 * [[DispatchConfiguration|configure your URL dispatching]]
 * [[WebmachineResources|learn about the functions that can make up a resource]]