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 | generate_etag | undefined |  | undefined {{{|}}} ETag | If this returns a value, it will be used as the value of the ETag header and for comparison in conditional requests. |
 | finish_request | true | | true {{{|}}} false | This function, if exported, is called just before the final response is constructed and sent.  The {{{ Result }}} is ignored, so any effect of this function must be by returning a modified {{{ ReqData }}}. |
 | body-producing function named as a Handler by content_types_provided |  | X | {{{ Body }}} | The Body should be either an iolist() or [[StreamBody|{stream,streambody()}]] |
+| POST-processing function named as a Handler by content_types_accepted |  | X | {{{ true }}} |  |
 The above are all of the supported predefined resource functions. In addition to whichever of these a resource wishes to use, it also must export all of the functions named in the return values of the content_types_provided and content_types_accepted functions.
-The functions named in content_types_provided are expected to return {{{ {Body, ReqData, Context} }}} where {{{ Body }}} is the (binary or iolist) content which should make up the response body.
-The functions named in content_types_accepted are expected to return {{{ {true, ReqData, Context} }}} if they succeed.