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 {{{Context}}} is an arbitrary {{{ term() }}} that is specific to your application.  Webmachine will never do anything with this term other than threading it through the various functions of your resource.  This is the means by which transient application-specific request state is passed along between functions.
 {{{ReqData}}} is a {{{ #wm_reqdata{} }}} term, and is manipulated via the [[WebmachineReqData]] interface.  A resource function may access request data (such as header values) from the input value.  If a resource function wishes to affect the response data in some way other than that implied by its return value (e.g. adding an X-Header) then it should modify the returned {{{ReqData}}} term accordingly.
+The rest of this document is about the effects produced by different values in the {{{Result}}} term.