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tickly / README

Tickly is a command-line issue tracker. Start a tickly database in your project's root. If you call tickly from a sub-directory, it will automatically find the database. (The database is called .tickly)

To install:

sudo python setup.py install

Examples and usage.

	Start a tickly issue tracking database (Do this in your project root):
    tickly init

    Create a new ticket:    
    tickly open -m 'This is a new ticket.'

    List open tickets:
    tickly list

    Add keywords to ticket 1:
    tickly update 1 -k "foo bar"
    Add a comment to ticket 1:
    tickly update 1 -c "Issue only happens on Tuesdays."

    Open a ticket with keywords and comments:
    tickly open -m 'This is the second issue' -k "bar foo"

    Show the full contents of a ticket:
    tickly show 1

    Remove comment 1 from ticket 1:
    tickly remove 1 -p 1 

    Search issue text, keywords and comments (case-sensitive)
    tickly search "Tuesdays"

    Close ticket 1
    tickly close 1

    List closed tickets:
    tickly list -c