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Django Mptt Comments

Django Mptt Comments is a simple way to display threaded comments instead of the django contrib comments.


  1. Get the required third party modules

    svn checkout
    svn checkout
  2. Get Mptt Comments

    hg clone

  3. Add the mptt_comments directory to your Python path.

  4. Add the needed apps to INSTALLED_APPS

  5. Add mptt_comments.urls to your projects urlconf

    (r'^comments/', include('mptt_comments.urls')),
  6. Add the required code to the objects detail page (see Usage)

  7. Copy the templates to adapt them for your site

  8. Style the forms using css


In any detail template that wants to use mptt_comments

{% block extrahead %}

{% load mptt_comments_tags %}
{% mptt_comments_media %}

{% endblock extrahead %}

To display the toplevel tree in templates:

{% load mptt_comments_tags %}

{% display_comment_toplevel_for object %}



Number of comments displayed before 'read more' link appears


Depth of comments to be shown


Additional related objects to be used in select_related call for example ['user__designer', 'user__designer__level']

Use patch from ticket #7270 if you need reverse OneToOne lookups like in example above


  • Make the more link work without javascript


Михаил Сычёв (Mike)