Amiga 1200+


This project is a re-implementation of the Amiga 1200 board started from the schematics. I made some changes and enhancements to the original schematics.


  • All Original AA chips are needed and can be put into the sockets. These include Lisa, Paula, Alice, The two CIA chips and the Keyboard controller.
  • Gayle, Budgie and the DRAM have been removed and the functionality has been moved to a daughterboard. This board can also contain a CPU.
  • Video output has been moved to a seperate output board. This board get all Lisa output signals and also all the typical Zorro signals. This means that an RTG card can be developed.
  • The PCMCIA slot has been removed and in the free space a power switch, boot selector switch (DF0:/DF1:) and a uSD card slot have been added.
  • A single supply universal power input has been added. (15V - 36V) From this the following voltages are created:
    • 5 Volts: main power rail 5 Amp capable
    • 12 Volts: 1 Amp capable
    • 3.3 Volts: 0.5 Amp capable (for daughter boards)
    • 1.2 Volts: 0.5 Amp capable (for daughter boards)
  • two PC standard 3 Pin fan headers are added to the board.
  • Terrible Fire compatible SPI port for network chip
  • Extension board connector for mouse/joystick. (one is in development that has USB Mouse and two classic DB-9 connectors and autoswitches when fire button is pressed)


This project is licensed by a Creative Commons license; You are welcome (and encouraged!) to extend, re-spin and otherwise use and modify the design as allowed by the license. - see Creative Commons for details