Foosball Tracker

Keep track of foosball game scores

Installation Instructions

Clone repository and install submodules

mkdir foosball-tracker
cd foosball-tracker
git remote add origin
git remote add angular-base
git fetch --all
git checkout origin/master
git merge --squash angular-base/master
git submodule update --init

Parse vagrant.yml to get Ansible vault information

. git_modules/vagrant-base/bin/
eval $(parse_yaml vagrant.yml 'vagrant_')

Output random password to Ansible vault file

eval vagrant_vault_file="${vagrant_vault_path}/${vagrant_host_name}"
openssl rand 32 -base64 -out $vagrant_vault_file

Install Ansible dependencies

sudo ansible-galaxy install --force --role-file git_modules/vagrant-base/provisioning/requirements

Provision Vagrant virtual machine and boot up

vagrant up && vagrant ssh

Install project dependencies

cd /var/www
npm install
node_modules/.bin/bower install