DDDownload is a module for the Yii PHP framework that provides a web user interface to manage downloadable files.

Supported tasks so far:

  • Browse categories
  • Create, update, delete a category
  • Upload a file
  • Rename, copy, move, delete files
  • Thumbnail preview for images
  • Download for files


Download the latest release from Yii extensions or clone the Gir repository from BitBucket.

Zip File

Unzip the module under protected/modules and rename it to download

Git Repository

$ cd path/to/your/yii/app
$ ls
assets   protected ...
$ git submodule add modules/download

This will create a new directory protected/modules/download with this extension.


To create two required tables, load the file protected/modules/download/data/schema.mysql.sql into your database.


Add the following to your application config file protected/main.php:

return array(
            // Base dir for download files,
            // e.g. /appdir/files/download
            // list of allowed file types for uploading:
            'allowedFileTypes'=>'jpg, png, sql',



  • Users Views:
    Add a link somewhere in your main menu like CHtml::link('Downloads', array('/download')).
  • Admin Views:
    You can get to the admin view via CHtml::link('Downloads Admin', array('/download/admin'))

To Do's

  • Add required user roles (RBAC) to categories and files
  • Add user ratings to files?