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DDMedia is a module for the Yii PHP framework that provides a web user interface to manage files and folders.

Supported tasks so far:

  • Browse folders
  • Create new directory
  • Upload a file
  • Rename, copy, move, delete files or folders
  • Preview for images
  • Download for files


Download the latest release from Yii extensions or from BitBucket.

Unzip the module under protected/modules/media and add the following to your application config:

return array(
            // Base dir for media browser (app/files):


Please note that the module doesn't require you to use a database.


Add a link somewhere in your main menu like CHtml::link('Media Browser', array('/ddmedia')).

To Do's

  • Show media meta data on clicking an item in a sidebar widget
  • Add config option to hide/show hidden files or folders

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