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Debian package checker (for Python packages)

Recent activity

Jakub Wilk

Jakub Wilk pushed 3 commits to jwilk/lintian4python

7b0d2c9 - data/python*-sys.path-additions: update.
ab70d7a - private/update-sys.path-additions: blacklist setuptools-*.egg-info.
fb12aa7 - private/update-sys.path-additions: don't blacklist PIL.
Jakub Wilk

Jakub Wilk pushed 2 commits to jwilk/lintian4python

ce8eb26 - debian/rules: ensure that .desc files for code-analysis and pyflakes checks are up-to-date.
69f553d - private/update-*-tags: add the --dry-run option; exit with non-zero status if the .desc files were not up-to-date.
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