Jakub Wilk committed b3e1f3c

s/return undef/return/g.

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   local ($_) = @_;
   my $number_re = qr{(-?)(\d+),(\d{2})};
-  m{^$number_re$} or m{>$number_re<} or return undef;
+  m{^$number_re$} or m{>$number_re<} or return;
   my $amount = int($2) + int($3) / 100.0;
   $amount = -$amount if $1;
   return $amount;
 sub correct_date($)
   local ($_) = @_;
-  return undef unless defined $_;
+  return unless defined $_;
   my $time;
   return $_ if $_ eq 'now';
   if (m/(\d{4})-(\d{2})-(\d{2})/)
       $1 >= 1900;
   debug "Invalid date: $_";
-  return undef;
+  return;
 sub ground_date($$)
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