1. Jakub Wilk
  2. python-dctypes


The problem with ctypes.util.find_library() is that there is no guarantee that it returns a library with ABI compatible with Python code. With dctypes you can make find_library() return at runtime the same it returned at build time, hopefully during a comprehensive test suite.


  1. Patch the source: s/ctypes/dctypes/g
  2. Run the test suite with PYTHON_DCTYPES_BOOT environment variable set to non-empty string. dctypes will collect information about the found libraries and save it to a .dctypes file.
  3. ???
  4. Profit! At runtime, dctypes' find_library() will return only information from the .dctypes files.

Automatic dependency calculation

dctypes2elf creates an ELF library linked to all the libraries from .dctypes files from the specified directory. The ELF library can be used to automatically calculate library dependencies, e.g. by dpkg-shlibdeps.