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= ENZO =

ENZO IS AN OPEN SOURCE CODE.  We encourage you to take it, inspect it, use it,
and contribute back any changes you have made.  We strive to make the the Enzo
community a community of *developers*.


Enzo's main webpage is:


Enzo is developed in the open on

 * Stable Version:
 * Development Version:

Documentation, including instructions for compilation, can be found at:


Please subscribe to the Enzo Users' mailing list at:


You can also follow the Enzo Project on google+ at:


If you have received this source code through an archive, rather than the
mercurial version control system, we highly encourage you to upgrade to the
version controlled source, as no support can be provided for archived
("tarball") sources.


Many people have contributed to the development of Enzo -- here's just a short
list of the people who have recently contributed, in alphabetical order:
   * Tom Abel     
   * James Bordner
   * Greg Bryan   
   * Renyue Cen   
   * Dave Collins 
   * Brian Crosby 
   * Nathan Goldbaum
   * Oliver Hahn  
   * Robert Harkness
   * Elizabeth Harper-Clark
   * Cameron Hummels
   * Ji-hoon Kim  
   * Daegene Koh  
   * Alexei Kritsuk
   * Michael Kuhlen
   * Eve Lee      
   * Yuan Li      
   * Michael Norman
   * JS Oishi     
   * Brian O'Shea 
   * Pascal Paschos
   * Carolyn Peruta
   * Alex Razoumov
   * Dan Reynolds 
   * Munier Salem 
   * Christine Simpson
   * Samuel Skillman 
   * Stephen Skory
   * Britton Smith
   * Geoffrey So  
   * Elizabeth Tasker
   * Matthew Turk 
   * Rick Wagner  
   * Peng Wang    
   * John Wise    
   * Hao Xu       
   * Fen Zhao     

Recent activity

John Wise

John Wise pushed 36 commits to jwise77/clean-copy

4e0e026 - Fixing mixed precision issues.
5c0b49c - Adding OpenMP config flag for Kraken-gnu make file.
27df924 - Fixing functionality that stops a simulation after a certain number of
4e2bd86 - Undid a change I had made in the Linux Makefile.
f2047d4 - Removed stdlib import from hydro_rk/Grid_MHDRK2_1stStep.C
John Wise

John Wise pushed 37 commits to jwise77/clean-copy

5f20d61 - Merging from mainline and resolving a conflict.
1605f1d - This should now work for specifying which fields to use for refinement.
ffb3b0e - Adding quick note about referring to the method paper.
498d0cf - Add some docs to the source code, and setting the number of fields to 1 by default. If the user specifies additional fields, they will ...
08b1dec - Adding documentation for the second derivative refinement method.
John Wise

John Wise pushed 2 commits to jwise77/clean-copy

8f44901 - Ensure that the default creation time is slightly before the
3c6352e - The creation time of the source wasn't defined and defaults to zero,
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