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 .. _boolean_data_objects:
-Boolean Data Objects
+Combining Objects: Boolean Data Objects
 A special type of data object is the *boolean* data object.
 It works only on three-dimensional objects.

File source/faq/index.rst

 .. _faq-new-field:
+How do I modify whether or not ``yt`` takes the log of a particular field?
+``yt`` sets up defaults for many fields for whether or not a field is presented
+in log or linear space. To override this behavior, you can modify the
+``field_info`` dictionary.  For example, if you prefer that ``Density`` not be
+logged, you could type:
+.. code-block:: python
+    pf = load("my_data")
+    pf.h
+    pf.field_info['Density'].take_log = False
+From that point forward, data products such as slices, projections, etc., would
+be presented in linear space. Note that you have to instantiate pf.h before you
+can access pf.field info.
+.. _faq-handling-log-vs-linear-space
 I added a new field to my simulation data, can ``yt`` see it?

File source/index.rst

          <a class="biglink" href="analyzing/index.html">
             Analyzing Data</a><br>
          <span class="linkdescr">
-            An overview of different ways to handle and process data
+            An overview of different ways to handle and process data: loading
+	    data, using and manipulating objects and fields, examining and
+	    manipulating particles, derived fields, generating processed data,
+	    time series analysis.
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          <a class="biglink" href="visualizing/index.html">
             Visualizing Data</a><br>
          <span class="linkdescr">
-            An overview of different ways to visualize data: projections,
-            slices, phase plots, and volume rendering
+            An overview of different ways to visualize data: making projections,
+            slices, phase plots, streamlines, and volume rendering; modifying
+	    plots; the fixed resolution buffer. 
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             Interacting with yt</a><br>
          <span class="linkdescr">
             Different ways -- scripting, GUIs, prompts, explorers -- to explore
-            your data.
+            your data. 
       <td width="50%">
             Analysis Modules</a><br>
          <span class="linkdescr">
             Discussions of some provided procedures for astrophysical analysis
-            like halo finding and synthetic spectra
+            like halo finding and synthetic spectra.  Halo finding, analyzing
+	    cosmology simulations, halo mass functions, halo profiling, light
+	    cone generator, making absorption spectrums, star particle
+	    analysis, two-point functions, halo merger trees, clump finding,
+	    radial column density, exporting to sunrise.