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         return "Doctest: " +
 class SkipDocTestCase(DocTestCase):
-    def __init__(self):
+    def __init__(self, module):
+        self.module = module
         DocTestCase.__init__(self, None)
     def setUp(self):
     def shortDescription(self):
-        return "Skipping tests from %s" % module.__name__
+        return "Skipping tests from %s" % self.module.__name__
+    __str__ = shortDescription
 def DocTestSuite(module=None, globs=None, extraglobs=None, test_finder=None,
     if not tests and sys.flags.optimize >=2:
         # Skip doctests when running with -O2
         suite = unittest.TestSuite()
-        suite.addTest(SkipDocTestCase())
+        suite.addTest(SkipDocTestCase(module))
         return suite
     elif not tests:
         # Why do we want to do this? Because it reveals a bug that might
         # otherwise be hidden.
-        raise ValueError(module, "has no tests")
+        # It is probably a bug that this exception is not also raised if the
+        # number of doctest examples in tests is zero (i.e. if no doctest
+        # examples were found).  However, we should probably not be raising
+        # an exception at all here, though it is too late to make this change
+        # for a maintenance release.  See also issue #14649.
+        raise ValueError(module, "has no docstrings")
     suite = unittest.TestSuite()