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Update for 2.7.0a2.

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-Welcome to Jython 2.7.0a1
+Welcome to Jython 2.7.0a2
-This is the first alpha release of the 2.7.0 version of Jython. Thanks to
+This is the second alpha release of the 2.7.0 version of Jython. Thanks to
 Adconion Media Group ( for sponsoring this release.
 Thanks to all who contributed to Jython.
+This release fixes a bug that left site-packages out of the path. This caused
+many problems, including a failure of to work.
 Please see the NEWS file for detailed release notes.
 The release was compiled on Ubuntu with JDK 6 and requires JDK 6 to run.
         <property name="PY_RELEASE_LEVEL_SNAPSHOT" value="170"/> <!-- 0xAA -->
         <!-- The current version info -->
-        <property name="jython.version" value="2.7a1+"/>
-        <property name="jython.version.noplus" value="2.7a1"/>
+        <property name="jython.version" value="2.7.0a2+"/>
+        <property name="jython.version.noplus" value="2.7.0a2"/>
         <property name="jython.major_version" value="2"/>
         <property name="jython.minor_version" value="7"/>
         <property name="jython.micro_version" value="0"/>
         <property name="jython.release_level" value="${PY_RELEASE_LEVEL_ALPHA}"/>
         <!-- Usually zero, only used for alpha, beta and candidate versions
              where it must be greater than zero. -->
-        <property name="jython.release_serial" value="1"/>
+        <property name="jython.release_serial" value="2"/>
     	<!--- Indy support -->
     	<condition property="jython.use.invokedynamic">