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Update for 2.5.3b1.

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 Jython NEWS
-Jython 2.5.3a1
+Jython 2.5.3b1
   Bugs Fixed
     - [ 1727 ] Error in Jython 2.5.2 with os.stat and varargs
     - [ 1735 ] return type of is unicode, not str
-Welcome to Jython 2.5.2
+Welcome to Jython 2.5.3b1
-This is the final 2.5.2 release of Jython.
-It contains the fixes of the blocker bugs since 2.5.2 release candidate 3.
+This is the first beta release of the 2.5.3 version of Jython
+Please see the NEWS file for detailed release notes.
-This release fixes bugs related to resource leaks, Java integration,
-and a number of other issues. See the NEWS file for more details. In
-particular, we did not completely fix #1327, "Classloaders cannot GC,
-which exhausts permgen." Jython uses instances of ThreadLocal-managed
-class, ThreadState, to manage its execution state, including frames,
-exceptions, and the global namespace. The ThreadState also indirectly
-refers to the ClassLoaders used by Jython. Such usage can cause
-resource leaks when a Jython application is restarted under certain
-app containers, because the ThreadState often may not cleaned up by
-the app server's thread pool.
+The release was compiled on Ubuntu with JDK 6 and requires JDK 5 to run.
-Fixing this problem without a backwards breaking API change appears
-to be difficult. Therefore we recommend exploring workarounds, such as
-the one published in this blog post,
-Jython 2.6 will introduce limited backwards breaking API changes, so
-it will be possible to fully resolve this bug, and related issues, in
-that version instead.
-And -- last but not least -- please help spread the word:
-Organizations using Jython 2.2.1, or earlier, should test their code
-against 2.5.2 beta 2 now so that bug fixes and/or workarounds may be
-identified. In particular, please note the following:
-  * No additional work is anticipated on Jython 2.2.
-  * Jython 2.5.2 is the last release in Jython 2.5.x series that will
-    address non-severe issues, including Java integration issues.
-  * Jython 2.6 development will begin immediately following the 2.5.2
-    release. Jython 2.6 will require the use of JDK 6.
-The release was compiled on Mac OS X with JDK 5 and requires JDK 5 to
-run. Please try it out and report any bugs at
+Please try this out and report any bugs at
-# - option for javac (build.compiler=modern is a global option to use standard jdk 1.3/1.4/1.5)
+# - option for javac (build.compiler=modern is a global option to use standard jdk 1.5/1.6/1.7)
         <property name="PY_RELEASE_LEVEL_SNAPSHOT" value="170"/> <!-- 0xAA -->
         <!-- The current version info -->
-        <property name="jython.version" value="2.5.2+"/>
-        <property name="jython.version.noplus" value="2.5.2"/>
+        <property name="jython.version" value="2.5.3+"/>
+        <property name="jython.version.noplus" value="2.5.3"/>
         <property name="jython.major_version" value="2"/>
         <property name="jython.minor_version" value="5"/>
-        <property name="jython.micro_version" value="2"/>
-        <property name="jython.release_level" value="${PY_RELEASE_LEVEL_FINAL}"/>
+        <property name="jython.micro_version" value="3"/>
+        <property name="jython.release_level" value="${PY_RELEASE_LEVEL_BETA}"/>
         <property name="jython.release_serial" value="0"/>
         <condition property="">
         <!-- predefined main directory for checkout -->
         <property name="svn.main.dir" value="trunk" />
-        <property name="svn.code.dir" value="jython" />
+        <property name="hg.code.dir" value="jython" />
         <property name="svn.installer.dir" value="installer" />
         <!-- predefined revision for checkout (this works for both trunk and release branches -->
         <property name="svn.revision" value="HEAD" />
         <!-- properties work.dir and jython.base.dir are also definied in init, 
              so full-preinit must run first to work -->
         <property name="work.dir" value="${basedir}/../full_build/work" />
-        <property name="svn.checkout.dir" value="${work.dir}/checkout" />
-        <property name="jython.base.dir" value="${svn.checkout.dir}/${svn.code.dir}" />
+        <property name="checkout.dir" value="${work.dir}/checkout" />
+        <property name="jython.base.dir" value="${checkout.dir}/${hg.code.dir}" />
     	<!-- set has.repositories.connection to false in if you want to skip checkout -->
         <property name="has.repositories.connection" value="true" />
         <condition property="do.checkout" value="true">
         <echo>Build environment for ${}</echo>
         <echo>(Note: if ${propertyname} is displayed, then the property is not set)</echo>
         <echo>--- optional libraries ---</echo>
+        <echo>oracle location    = '${oracle.jar}'</echo>
+        <echo>informix location  = '${informix.jar}'</echo>
         <echo>oracle             = '${oracle.present}'</echo>
         <echo>informix           = '${informix.present}'</echo>
         <echo>--- properties ---</echo>
         <echo>--- properties (used for full-build only) ---</echo>
         <echo>svn.main.dir       = '${svn.main.dir}'</echo>
         <echo>svn.revision       = '${svn.revision}'</echo>
-        <echo>svn.checkout.dir   = '${svn.checkout.dir}'</echo>
+        <echo>checkout.dir   = '${checkout.dir}'</echo>
         <echo>javahl.dir         = '${javahl.dir}'</echo>
         <echo>svnant.jar.dir     = '${svnant.jar.dir}'</echo>
         <echo>  = '${}'</echo>
-    <!-- clean svn.checkout.dir if we really checkout -->
+    <!-- clean checkout.dir if we really checkout -->
     <target name="clean-checkout-dir" if="do.checkout">
         <delete includeemptydirs="true" failonerror="false">
-            <fileset dir="${svn.checkout.dir}" includes="**/*" defaultexcludes="no" />
+            <fileset dir="${checkout.dir}" includes="**/*" defaultexcludes="no" />
     <!-- create checkout directory if necessary -->
     <target name="prepare-checkout" if="do.checkout">
-        <mkdir dir="${svn.checkout.dir}" />
+        <mkdir dir="${checkout.dir}" />
     <target name="checkout" depends="prepare" if="do.checkout">
+        <exec executable="hg">
+            <arg line="clone -b 2.5 ${checkout.dir}/${hg.code.dir}"/>
+        </exec>
         <svn javahl="${javahl.dir}" >
-            <checkout url="${svn.main.dir}/${svn.installer.dir}" revision="${svn.revision}" destPath="${svn.checkout.dir}/${svn.installer.dir}" />
-            <checkout url="${svn.main.dir}/${svn.code.dir}" revision="${svn.revision}" destPath="${svn.checkout.dir}/${svn.code.dir}" />
+            <checkout url="${svn.main.dir}/${svn.installer.dir}" revision="${svn.revision}" destPath="${checkout.dir}/${svn.installer.dir}" />
         <!-- checkout cpython license from the correct python maintenance branch -->
         <svn javahl="${javahl.dir}" >
-               <checkout url="" destPath="${svn.checkout.dir}/python" recurse="false" />
+               <checkout url="" destPath="${checkout.dir}/python" recurse="false" />
     <target name="copy-license" if="do.checkout">
-        <echo>copy CPython LICENSE from ${svn.checkout.dir}/python</echo>
-        <copy file="${svn.checkout.dir}/python/LICENSE" tofile="${dist.dir}/LICENSE_CPython.txt" preservelastmodified="true" />
+        <echo>copy CPython LICENSE from ${checkout.dir}/python</echo>
+        <copy file="${checkout.dir}/python/LICENSE" tofile="${dist.dir}/LICENSE_CPython.txt" preservelastmodified="true" />
     <target name="copy-full" depends="copy-lib, copy-license" if="full-build">