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Add array_class to jarray. array_class returns the "Array of type" class.

Useful for clamp and other places where a class of an array needs to be passed.

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 Jython NEWS
+Jython 2.7a3
+    - array_class in jarray module returns the "Array of a type" class
 Jython 2.7a2
     - [ 1892 ] site-packages is not in sys.path


         array.typecode = Character.toString(typecode);
         return array;
+    public static Class<?> array_class(Class<?> type) {
+         return Array.newInstance(type, 0).getClass();
+    }
      * Create a PyArray storing <em>ctype</em> types and being initialised


     public static PyArray zeros(int n, Class type) {
         return PyArray.zeros(n, type);
+    public static Class<?> array_class(PyObject type) {
+        return PyArray.array_class((Class<?>)type.__tojava__(Class.class));
+    }
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