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+\title{Short Answer Scoring by Stacking}
+\author{Jure Zbontar\\
+  \texttt{}}
+\date{September 16, 2012}
+% 1. Summary
+% 4-6 sentences summarizing general approach used to build the model,
+% including
+%     guiding principles in feature generation or selection
+%     training techniques used
+%     model ensembling, if any
+%     external data sources
+\section{Features Selection / Extraction}
+% 2. Features Selection / Extraction
+% Describe how features were generated or selected from the training
+% data. Provide a list and brief description of any key new or selected
+% features.
+\section{Modeling Techniques and Training}
+% 3 Modeling Techniques and Training
+% Details of the model and training procedures for each technique used
+% in the final model. If models were combined or ensembled, describe that
+% procedure as well. If external data was used, explain how this data was
+% obtained and used.
+\section{Code Description}
+% 4. Code Description
+% Provide a description of your code here. Code itself should be commented
+% clearly and concisely. For each function provide
+%     function inputs
+%     function outputs
+%     what function does
+\section{How To Generate the Solution}
+% 5. How To Generate the Solution (aka README file)
+% Provide step-by-step instructions for how to create the solutions file
+% from the code provided. Include that description here and in a separate
+% README file to accompany the code.
+\section{Additional Comments and Observations}
+% 6. Additional Comments and Observations
+% Any additional comments or observations you have about the data set,
+% model, or model development process. Discuss other approaches that were
+% attempted but not used.
+% 7. References
+% Citations to references, websites, blog posts, and external sources
+% of information where appropriate.
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