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OpenLayers is a suite of module to help integrate the
OpenLayers JS library within Drupal.  At it's core, it
provides a simple API to create maps with PHP arrays
and display them where you like.

There are a number of modules that add on more functionality.
  * Preset UI - Creates a user interface to make map
    arrays which can be used in various places
  * Layers - Adds multiple layer types and layers
    that can be used in maps
  * Behaviors - Adds extra functionality to maps
    like Popups and Tooltips
  * CCK - Allows integration with CCK so that geo data
    can be inputted via a map
  * Views - Allows data to be displayed on a map
    via Views
  * Filters - Creates a filter to replace
    [openlayers preset_name] with a map.

 1) Normal Drupal module installation
 2) Set OpenLayers Source at: admin/settings/openlayers
    It is suggested to download the library and use it locally for performance.
 3) You can set defaults at: admin/settings/openlayers/defaults

* See docs/ directory.

bdragon: http://drupal.org/user/53081
phayes: http://drupal.org/user/47098
zzolo: http://drupal.org/user/147331