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         bl_batman.batsignal(product)  # at least one joke in this post
- Pure gold
+ Writing Testable Code (Miško Hevery)
-The "pure gold" (from my perspective) of unit-testing is `this post
+The "pure gold" of list of unit-testing practices `this post
 from Google Testing Blog.
-Go ahead and read that, it is one of posts that you read and think
-"god, I had to come to all this by my own, now I see I'm not alone".
+You should definitely check that out. It's a precise rules that are
+mostly language-agnostic that you will sooner or later come with while
+you're doing unit-test programming.
-Let's just looks at some examples in python.
+As an addition to that post from python-perspective, let's see some
+examples in python.
 Consider you have need to write offline-sync mechanism that we already
 mentioned (where you do something offline, then, when back online, you