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Testing Python


This post is still in-progress. Please be patient and don't read it if you are lazy to re-read it when it's ready. When I'm finished, I will publish it on hacker news, reddits and so on, and if you are interested -- you will probably won't miss it.

Right now it's in "alpha" stage when I ask my friends and other good people to read it and tell me what can be enhanced.

Also, you can see what's changing here https://bitbucket.org/k_bx/blog/changesets, on bitbucket, since this blog is open-source.

This article is a compilation of my thoughts, impressions and experience on writing test-driven code in python.

The article is quite big, because I wanted to make it in a format of evolution of me, as a programmer, who started as usual web-developer and upon career got more and more complex tasks and saw more and more need in test-driven development approach.

I decided to split article into parts so that it would be easier to read.

How to read this article

It is very hard to write a complete article and say everything you want to say without being verbose, so as a general, if you are already experienced programmer and know what is functional testing and mock library, you can skip first paragraphs straight to the :doc:`testing_python/going-deeper` doc.