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+  isEmptySummary,
    (unDuplicatesSize (getDuplicatesSize s1))
    (unDuplicatesSize (getDuplicatesSize s2)))
+isEmptySummary :: DuplicateSummary -> Bool
+isEmptySummary s = (unDuplicatesCount (getDuplicatesCount s)) == 0
 import Duplicates.Utils      ( safeHead, allPossibleDirs )
 import Duplicates.Duplicates ( showSummary, indexPath, getDuplicatesSummary )
-import Duplicates.Duplicates ( printIndex, compareSummaries )
+import Duplicates.Duplicates ( printIndex, compareSummaries, isEmptySummary )
 getPathFromArgs :: [String] -> Maybe String
 getPathFromArgs args = safeHead args
           let dirsWithSummary = zip dirs dirSummaries
           let sortedDirsWithSummary =
                 sortBy (\(d1, s1) (d2, s2) -> (compareSummaries s1 s2)) dirsWithSummary
+          let filteredDirsWithSummary =
+                filter (\(d, s) -> not (isEmptySummary s)) sortedDirsWithSummary
           let showDirWithSummary (dir, summary) = dir ++ ": " ++ (showSummary summary)
-          let stats = map showDirWithSummary sortedDirsWithSummary
+          let stats = map showDirWithSummary filteredDirsWithSummary
           putStrLn "Duplicate stats:"
           putStrLn $ intercalate "\n" $ map ("> " ++) $ stats
           return ()
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