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# Copyright (C) 2008 Andi Albrecht,
# This module is part of python-sqlparse and is released under
# the BSD License:

"""Parse SQL statements."""

__version__ = '0.1.1'

import os

class SQLParseError(Exception):
    """Base class for exceptions in this module."""

# Setup namespace
from debug_toolbar.utils.sqlparse import engine
from debug_toolbar.utils.sqlparse import filters
from debug_toolbar.utils.sqlparse import formatter

def parse(sql):
    """Parse sql and return a list of statements.

    *sql* is a single string containting one or more SQL statements.

    Returns a tuple of :class:`~sqlparse.sql.Statement` instances.
    stack = engine.FilterStack()
    return tuple(

def format(sql, **options):
    """Format *sql* according to *options*.

    Available options are documented in :ref:`formatting`.

    Returns the formatted SQL statement as string.
    stack = engine.FilterStack()
    options = formatter.validate_options(options)
    stack = formatter.build_filter_stack(stack, options)
    return ''.join(

def split(sql):
    """Split *sql* into single statements.

    Returns a list of strings.
    stack = engine.FilterStack()
    stack.split_statements = True
    return [unicode(stmt) for stmt in]