Konstantine Rybnikov committed 169ac39

ok, now podiff for modified files work

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             rv += prefix_lines('- ', unicode(item))
             rv += u'\n'
         for item in self.operation_to_storage_map['modify']:
-            rv += prefix_lines('+ ', unicode(item[0]))
+            rv += prefix_lines('+ ', unicode(item[1]))
             rv += u'\n'
-            rv += prefix_lines('- ', unicode(item[1]))
+            rv += prefix_lines('- ', unicode(item[0]))
             rv += u'\n'
         return unicode(rv)
             rv.append_entry('add', item)
             old_item = pofile1_msgid_to_poentry_map[item.msgid]
-            if item != old_item:
+            if unicode(item) != unicode(old_item):
                 rv.append_entry('modify', [old_item, item])
     for item in pofile1:


         self.assertEquals(compare_two_pofiles(f1, f2),
     def test_modified(self):
         f1 = POFile()
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