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add filter_files

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+    def __contains__(self, filename):
+        return filename in self.files
 class HgFileMerge(object):
     def __init__(self):
                 m_group = MergeGroup()
                 m_group.name = group['name']
                 m_group.prefix = group.get('prefix', '')
-                m_group.set_files(group['files'])
+                m_group.set_files(group['files'], base_path=self.base_path)
                 self.merge_groups[m_group.name] = m_group
     def configure_from_file(self, path):
         import codecs
         ret_val = []
-        for filename in self.merge_groups[group_name]:
+        for filename in self.merge_groups[group_name].files:
             with codecs.open(os.path.join(self.base_path, filename), 'r', 'utf-8') as f:
                 ret_val += f.readlines()
         return ret_val
                 'w', 'utf-8')) as f:
+    def get_group_by_filename(self, filename):
+        """Returns None if there's no group for that file
+        """
+        for group_name, group in self.merge_groups.iteritems():
+            if filename in group:
+                return group
+        return None
+    def filter_files(self, filenames):
+        """Takes files list and returns list with files in group replaced by
+        group name. Useful for css/js insertion.
+        """
+        ret_val = []
+        groups_taken = set()
+        for file_ in filenames:
+            group = self.get_group_by_filename(file_)
+            if group is not None:
+                if group.name not in groups_taken:
+                    ret_val.append(group.name)
+                    groups_taken.add(group.name)
+            else:
+                ret_val.append(file_)
+        return ret_val


     def test_simple_yml_merge_groups(self):
-        self.assertEqual(self.merger.merge_groups,
-                         {'merged_most_popular.css': ['1.css', '2.css',],
-                          'merged_site.css': ['3.css',]})
+        self.assertEqual(self.merger.merge_groups['merged_most_popular.css'].files,
+                         ['1.css', '2.css',])
 class TestSimple(unittest.TestCase):
     def setUp(self):
+    def test_filter_files(self):
+        self.assertEqual(
+            self.merger.filter_files(['1.css', '2.css', '5.css']),
+            ['merged_most_popular.css', '5.css'])
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