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File docs/code/

+import unittest
+from mockstar import prefixed_p
+from import forms
+ppatch = prefixed_p("")  # module under test
+class TestPostForm(unittest.TestCase):
+    @ppatch('is_post_exist')     # list / describe side-effects
+    def side_effects(self, se):
+        se.is_post_exist.return_value = False  # default side-effects behavior
+        return self.invoke(se)
+    def test_should_be_valid_for_simple_data(self, se):
+        form = forms.PostForm({'title': 'foo', 'content': 'bar'})
+        self.assertTrue(form.is_valid())
+    def test_should_get_error_on_existing_post_title(self, se):
+        se.is_post_exist.return_value = True
+        form = forms.PostForm({'title': 'foo', 'content': 'bar'})
+        self.assertFalse(form.is_valid())
+        self.assertEquals(dict(form.errors),
+                          ["Post with this title already exists"])

File docs/code/

+# file sample_app/blog/
+class PostForm(forms.Form):
+    title = forms.CharField()
+    content = forms.TextField()
+    def clean(self):
+        if is_post_exist(self.cleaned_data['title']):
+            raise ValidationError(_(u"Post with this title already exists"))
+        return self.cleaned_data

File docs/index.rst

    You can adapt this file completely to your liking, but it should at least
    contain the root `toctree` directive.
- Mockstar -- Mocking Like a Rockstar!
+Mockstar -- Declarative Mocking Like a Rockstar!
-Mockstar is a bunch of small enhances on top of `Mock
-<>`_ library that can
-give you a lot of mocking and unit-testing goods.
-.. note::
-   Mockstar is still in development, but my team already uses it in
-   our project heavily, so it should get stable API soon.
+Mockstar is a small enhance on top of `Mock
+<>`_ library that
+gives you declarative way to write your unit-tests.
 Author: `Konstantine Rybnikov <>`_. Main
 repository on bitbucket: `
-Unit-testing with MockStar
+Usually, **unit under test** is something simple, like function or
+method. It's result is dependent on it's arguments and calls to some
+external dependencies (side-effects). For example, here:
+.. literalinclude:: code/
+Unit under test is ``PostForm`` class (more precicely, it's ``clean``
+method here), it has one side-effect, which is ``is_post_exist``
+Usually, you create a single test module for single code module (well,
+I do). So in this example **module under test** would be
+Minimal test-case example
+Your minimal test case would look something like this:
+.. literalinclude:: code/
+More detailed introduction
 So, you want to implement and test your unit. Let's say it's a
 function :func:`create_user` that will look like this when it is done:
 .. literalinclude:: code/
-I hope you like mockstar's aspiration to fight copy-paste and useless
+I hope you like mockstar's aspiration to get declarative way of
+writing unit-tests and reduce of copypasta.
 To install mockstar, just type::
       :maxdepth: 2
 Indices and tables
 * :ref:`genindex`
 * :ref:`modindex`
 def p(*args, **kw):
-    Acts like :func:``mock.patch``, but passes side-effects (patched mocks)
-    into special dict-like ``se`` parameter.
+    Acts like :func:``mock.patch``, but passes side-effects (patched
+    mocks) into special dict-like ``se`` parameter.
     def rv_decorator(fn):
         new_patchers = []
-      version='0.1.10',
+      version='0.1.11',
       author='Konstantine Rybnikov',