Konstantine Rybnikov committed 9061126

@username to show his friends

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     - # (ok)
     - @username+ (ok)
-#. @username to show his friends
+#. @username to show his friends (ok)
 #. Message posting to tell about it to subscribers
 #. Write tests.
 #. Lor-talks-bot
 def render_user_info(user):
+    def render_users_list(users):
+        return u", ".join(x.nick for x in users)
     return (
         u"""User %(nick)s\n"""
         u"""  overall: %(overall)s\n"""
-        u"""  today: %(today)s""") % dict(
+        u"""  today: %(today)s\n\n"""
+        u"""Friends: %(friends)s""") % dict(
         nick = render_user_nick(user),
         overall = user.num_overall_messages(),
         today = user.num_today_messages(),
+        friends = render_users_list(user.friends),
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