1. Konstantine Rybnikov
  2. openju


openju / TODO.rst


  1. Implement commands::
    • read message (ok)
    • read message with replies (ok)
    • reply to message (ok)
    • @username (ok, basic support)
    • S @username (ok)
    • # (ok)
    • @username+ (ok)
  2. @username to show his friends

  3. Message posting to tell about it to subscribers

  4. Write tests.

  5. Lor-talks-bot

  6. Make routes.py better (simpler then a bunch of functions)

  7. In routes.py rewrite PATTERNS for @user and #message_id

  8. Think about ^ in beginning of strings in routes.py

  9. Catch MultipleObjectsReturned and DoesNotExist and say "message #msg not found"

  10. Bot named @users

  11. Bot named @top

  12. CMD NICK

  13. CMD DISCOVER that finds users you may want to be your friend