parsehelp / tests / testdata / helps / pip.txt


  --version             show program's version number and exit
  -h, --help            Show help
  -E DIR, --environment=DIR
                        virtualenv environment to run pip in (either give the
                        interpreter or the environment base directory)
  -s, --enable-site-packages
                        Include site-packages in virtualenv if one is to be
                        created. Ignored if --environment is not used or the
                        virtualenv already exists.
  -v, --verbose         Give more output
  -q, --quiet           Give less output
  --log=FILENAME        Log file where a complete (maximum verbosity) record
                        will be kept
  --proxy=PROXY         Specify a proxy in the form
                        user:passwd@proxy.server:port. Note that the
                        user:password@ is optional and required only if you
                        are behind an authenticated proxy.  If you provide
                        user@proxy.server:port then you will be prompted for a
  --timeout=SECONDS, --default-timeout=SECONDS
                        Set the socket timeout (default 15 seconds)

Commands available:
  bundle: Create pybundles (archives containing multiple packages)
  freeze: Output all currently installed packages (exact versions) to stdout
  help: Show available commands
  install: Install packages
  search: Search PyPI
  uninstall: Uninstall packages
  unzip: Unzip individual packages
  zip: Zip individual packages