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+.. _0-7-2-release-notes:
+South 0.7.2
+This is a minor new release of South, and the second bugfix release for the 
+:ref:`0.7 series <0-7-release-notes>`.
+Backwards incompatible changes
+Ordering of actions
+A few issues with ordering of index deletion versus field/table deletion have
+now been fixed, so hopefully things will delete or migrate backwards first time.
+If you have a CharField or TextField with blank=True, you now no longer need
+to specify a default value. In addition, changes to blank no longer trigger
+an alteration migration for that field, since it doesn't affect the database.
+South should now work if you aren't using the 'public' schema; you'll need to
+set the SCHEMA database setting first, though.
+A bit of tidying up has been done for arguments; `migrate` now accepts `--noinput`
+and `convert_to_south` accepts the ghost migration options.
+Other changes
+A whole assortment of minor bugs has been fixed; for the complete list, see
+the `milestone in our Trac <>`_.


    :maxdepth: 1
-   0.7.1
+   0.7.1
+   0.7.2


 South - Useable migrations for Django apps
-__version__ = "0.7.1"
+__version__ = "0.7.2"
 __authors__ = [
     "Andrew Godwin <>",
     "Andy McCurdy <>"
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