Ken Takata avatar Ken Takata committed 2c01d7a

add a new patch: use_32bit_time_t.patch

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+# HG changeset patch
+# Parent 215c8b1b53860e567c2b3c1e960efac1e6b583c8
+diff --git a/src/Make_mvc.mak b/src/Make_mvc.mak
+--- a/src/Make_mvc.mak
++++ b/src/Make_mvc.mak
+@@ -846,6 +846,14 @@
++# Currently 32-bit version of ActivePerl is built with VC6.
++# (
++# It means that time_t should be 32-bit. However the default size of
++# time_t is 64-bit since VC8. So we have to define _USE_32BIT_TIME_T.
++!if "$(CPU)" == "i386"
+ # Do we want to load Perl dynamically?
+ !if "$(DYNAMIC_PERL)" == "yes"
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