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Issue #7 closed
cryzed created an issue

The repository names in the sidebar shouldn't be title cased, since using them with pacman -Sl will fail if the casing is not correct. This recently came up when writing this guide. Would you consider using the original repository names?

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  1. kachelaqa repo owner

    The top-left panel contains filters, not repositories (although some of the filter names are based on repository names).

    The package list (top-right) and package details (bottom-right) always show the true repository name - so that's what you should always refer to.

  2. cryzed reporter

    I suppose that makes sense, it was just visually confusing. Seeing as you haven't closed this issue immediately, it's still up for consideration? I can see sense in both ways: keeping the original case to prevent potential confusion, and using the title-case to make the GUI look more visually appealing. It's a decision you make in the end; however now that you pointed out the correct casing in the Repository column, the original reason for my issue doesn't seem as important. Thank you for the quick answer either way.

  3. kachelaqa repo owner

    The filters panel contains a list of actions, rather than information about the pacman database. Since they are labels for actions, it seemed natural to use title-case for everything (to be in line with the rest of the user-interface), All the database information itself is in the two right-hand panels.

    At the moment, I don't see a really compelling reason to change this, so I'm going to close this issue. However, if you have any further suggestions, please don't hesitate to ask.

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